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Henry Hate is a self proclaimed lazy, loud foul mouthed, know it all brat whom knows nothing about art, music or tattoos.  Wanted in six international cities and five different time zones for crimes against passion, nature and human decency.  His brazen shamelessness knows no bounds.  Henry is still reputed for cooking up hair brained schemes and cock-a-mammie ideas the world over to keep from working a days honest living and giving into “The Man”.  Henry Hate was born 374 years ago atop the highest peak in the Tragic Kingdom of Orange County, and bares a minor resemblance to what is known as a Yeti or so he would have you think.  Many rum-ours and scandal still persist surrounding the true origin of Henry Hate, mostly at his insistence.

At the formative age of six he was expelled from catechism for stealing the communal wine and proclaiming that communion wafers tasted like semen. Thus a national probe began, prompting the Catholic church to move to grape juice and the transfer of a few clergy, as this snot nosed brat high tailed it on the highways with a gaggle of retarded whores.  Tricking the women, he left them stranded in Vegas with no money, car or hot pants. Henry came into a chance meeting with circus impresario P.T. Barnum and was hired n the spot after pick pocketing the magnet and holding a dark secret over his head.  Henry Hate found himself given a full scholarship to a Art Collage in Savannah Georgia through administrative error.  He traded sexual favors and illicit practices with both staff and student body.  Board of scholastic life of educational sin, Henry hijacked the Lindbergh Baby for ransom:  A silver glitter Gretsch Falcon, a case of Jack Daniel's and a Bally and William's Kiss pinball machine stuffed with an undisclosed amount of unmarked bills.  The company to pay up would later be known as Franklin Mint.

Never one to rest on his tuckus, Le Haine decided to make art films down in New York. Bypassing the whole Warhol clique, Mr. Hate as his friends call him made art films.  His films were second to none.  Titles such as, “Eunice and Buella: The Country Criso Disco Connection” (he played Eunice) and Face Bath Jizz Jamboree Vol.8  premiered at international film festivals with their sheer force and raw power wowing crowds the world over.  Finding himself back in Los Angeles he found himself vacationing at the Spahn Ranch where Henry did odd chores and took down the families meeting minutes for room and board.  Mr. Hate was kicked out of the ranch when he refused to go for “a ride” one evening to which resulted in the Tate/Labianca Murders.  The rest is his story or a drunken blur....

Should you encounter this creature, it is presumed you should approach with great caution and or lavish gift or money.  Alert immediately your nearest local authorities and media outlets  of his whereabouts, howsabout’s and most importantly doabout’s.

Henry Hate is a London based artist whom works from his studio in Shoreditch East London.  He was to enrol at Savannah Collage of Art & Design, when he found himself working in a brothel, to pay bills and rent.  Early on in his career he found him self working for Durk Dehner of The Tom Of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles as his assistant.  His tattoo work is visible on the likes of Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Comedian David Cross, Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand, Pete Doherty and Preston of The Ordinary Boys to name just a few.  Originating from Hollywood California he’s spent the last few years cultivating a work base that spans both commercial work in print and media, while still maintaining his D.I.Y. ethic learned in the early queercore / punk rock days as a youth.  Mr Hate’s early works were featured in the 1st annual Gay Pride Art Show in Orange County, and currently gearing for his first solo show.  Henry’s work as been showcased along side fellow artists as Sexton Ming, Jamie Reid, Jason Atomic and James Cauty to name a few.  Henry Hate is owner of Prick! Tattoos & Piercing in Shoreditch East London.  He lives in West London  Notting Hill/ Holland Park area with his partner and their dog Joleene.

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Henry Hate’s Client Roster

Patrick Wolf by Rebecca Miller

Paul Thompson by Soren Solkær 2008

Scroobious Pip with Permission of the Artist


Broadband Clic Lock Watch Footballer Jon Ashton Dominique Persoon

B  Celebutante Jodie Harsh  South African Springboks Nissan Motors  Opal Nera  Yota

Guillemots One Republic  Patrick Wolf  Mc Skepta  Author Hugh McManners  Artist Franko

Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand Designer Dexter Wong  Mc Lord Macrão of The

Doherty  Preston Of Ordinary Boys  Comedian David Cross  Bloc Party  Singer Anna Vissi

Amy Winehouse  Boy George  Designer Alexander Mcqueen  The Scroobious Pip  Pete